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Influence System Plugin released on the Unreal Marketplace

On Tuesday mornings, the 15th of September, Goat Mountain Development released Influence System Plugin on Epic Games Unreal Marketplace.

The Influence System Plugin is Goat Mountain Developments first plugin to be released commercially on the Unreal Marketplace and is the result of a fascination with efficient low level systems for implementing game AI.


Influence Sytem Plugin

The Influence System Plugin is a spatial reasoning plugin primarily designed for use with game AI.

The system is based on the concept of storing lightweight data, tied to an abstraction of the game world. This allows for efficient runtime information gathering - trading runtime processing power for memory usage.

The plugin is built as a framework to allow for custom implementations but ships with a default implementation where the game world is abstracted to a 2D grid.

Every grid cell in the 2D grid holds data generated at design time, or runtime. The stored data can later be efficiently queried at runtime without the need for expensive operations like collision checks and reference gathering.

Runtime queries are highly customizable, through the Unreal Engine editor, to allow for complex information gathering and tweaking to suit the needs of the querier.

Influence is generated using shape based events and can be either static or dynamic. Dynamic Influence Events have a lifetime and can evolve with time. Changing their impact on the game world, both in value and reach while they are active.

To allow for smooth “flow” of influence over time and correct placement of Influence Events the underlying 2D grid can optionally be projected to a navigation mesh. This allows events to “flow” around corners and stop at walls.


Goat Mountain Development AB

Goat Mountain Development is a one man development and consulting firm founded in 2020. The company has its base in Skellefteå, Sweden.

The company develops plugins for Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 and offers consultancy in C++ development and Unreal Engine 4. The company also offers both onsite and online training in Unreal and Unity.

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